PI: Mohammad-Reza Alam, PhD


Research Interests:
Theoretical Fluid Dynamics,
Ocean Renewable Energy,
Ocean and Coastal Waves Phenomena,
Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear dynamics,
Fluid Flow Control,


Positions Held:
American Bureau of Shipping Endowed Chair in Ocean Engineering, 2017-
Associate Professor, UC Berkeley, 2017-
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley, 2011-2017.
Lecturer, MIT, 2009-2011.

Postdoctoral Associate (2008-2009), MIT.
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2008, Dick Yue & Yuming Liu), MIT, Cambridge, MA.
MSc in Mechanical Engineering (2005, George Haller), MIT, Cambridge, MA.
Bsc (2001) & MSc in Applied Mechanics (2003, Ali Meghdari), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

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Taflab Genealogy Map (it goes back to ~ 13th century! Courtesy of Ahmad who used a Python package to get the info and then graphiz to plot this graph).
Disclaimer: This is just for fun, and absolutely for no other purpose. We do not believe in superiority based on ancestors, race, nationality, etc in any context. We, in fact, believe that it is the least successful and most insecure people who use things they have had no contribution to whatsoever (like race, nationality, gene, ancestors, etc) to label others inferior, and to make themselves falsely look superior. We take pride only in our scientific contributions achieved through hard work and rigorously conducted research.