ME245 Oceanic and Atmospheric Waves- UC Berkeley
























1.     Introduction: Propagating waves, Group Speed, Phase Speed, Conservation relations.


2.     Governing Equations: Mass, Momentum and Energy equations, Boundary conditions


3.     Surface Waves

o    Governing Equations, Dispersion Relation, Energy and Energy Propagation

o    The Initial Value Problem- The Method of Stationary Phase

o    Waves in Slowly Varying Media: Ray Theory

o    Gravity, Capillary and Capillary-Gravity Waves

o    Long wave approximation,

o    Some Nonlinear Aspects: KdV equation, Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation


4.     Pressure Waves

o    Basic Physics of Acoustic Waves, Bulk Modulus, Sound Speed

o    Reflection at a Solid Boundary, Snell's law

o    Plane Waves in a Channel

o    Scattering in a Discontinuity

o    Slowly Varying Medium


5.     Internal Gravity Waves

o    Discussion of Interfacial Waves

o    Governing Equations for Continuous Stratified Fluids, Dispersion Relation, Normal Modes

o    Internal Waves Reflection

o    Focusing of internal waves and internal wave attractors

o    WKB approximation and Atmospheric Modes

o    Vertical propagation - steady flow and the radiation condition

o    Lee waves in Compressible fluid


6.     Shallow Water Dynamics

o    Laplace's Tidal Equation

o    Shallow Water Equations with Rotation

o    Seiches in Enclosed Basins

o    Edge Waves and Coastal Seiches

o    Inertial-internal gravity waves, Sverdrup and Poincare Waves

o    Channel Modes and Kelvin Waves

o    Waveguide Modes

o    Geostrophic motion, Rossby and Planetary Waves

o    Equatorial beta-Plane and Equatorial Waves


7.     Topographic Effects

o    Bottom-Trapped Waves

o    Continental Shelf Waves

o    Coastal-Trapped Waves






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